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Duncan Smith,
Labour Party Councillor
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Question: Councillor D. Smith
“To ask the Chief Executive to provide Yellow boxes on the Glen Ellan Road at the
three junctions with the entrances to Bride’s Glen, Castleview and Bunbury Gate
in order to assist drivers leaving these estates in a safer manner during rush

Yellow Box Markings, RRM 020, are provided to aid traffic flow. They may be
used at road junctions (including roundabouts), at junctions with tram tracks, at
railway level crossings, the exits to bus lanes, or other locations as deemed
appropriate by the road authority, where blocking back affecting a cross flow is a
significant problem.

The entrance to Brides Glen is approximately 90m from the roundabout on the
Glen Ellan Distributor Road, with the entrances to Castleview and Bunbury Gate
further away. The traffic volumes combined with the distances from the
roundabout, at this location, should provide sufficient storage for any queuing
traffic, from the roundabout on the Glen Ellan distributor route, which could
prevent or create difficulties for residents exiting Brides Glen, Castleview or
Bunbury Gate. It is not proposed to install yellow boxes at these locations at
this time.