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Duncan Smith,
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Question: Councillor D. Smith
“To ask the Chief Executive to implement an updated traffic management plan
on the Donabate/Portrane peninsula given the high volume of traffic
construction traffic and in light of recent traffic accidents to ensure traffic
becomes safer and flows easier on the peninsula?”

The planning applications associated with the housing developments and the
NFMHS site requires the agreement and implementation of a construction
management plan. This includes the restriction of deliveries to agreed times,
with monitoring through the recently installed CCTV monitoring system along
Hearse Road.
The operations department issues road opening licences to contractors to
complete works within the road reservation with restricted times of work,
depending on the nature of the works.
Traffic is presently managed by the Operations Department, through the
management mechanisms described above and by optimisation of the traffic
signals at the Lissenhall interchange. At present the capacity of the road
network and junctions restricts the implementation of an updated traffic
management plan.
On completion of the Donabate distributor route, that is expected to commence
construction in 2018, a review of the traffic management will be carried out.