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Duncan Smith,
Labour Party Councillor
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Question: Councillor D. Smith “To ask the Chief Executive what further plans are there for Swords Main St. in 2016 to build on the many provisions rolled out in 2015 such as flower box planters?”

Reply: It is intended that the baskets and planters will be provided on Swords Main Street again this summer from the middle to late May depending on the weather. The street furniture including poles and bins were all painted last summer and have been inspected earlier this year and some minor maintenance has been identified. Some damaged and redundant signage has also been identified for replacement and removal respectively. Additional seating was introduced at the Garda Station last year and more seating can be installed if locations can be agreed between the TidyTowns Committee, local traders and residents. Additional bicycle parking racks were provided at the Garda Station and the corner of Seatown Road during 2015. Crown Reduction pruning of approximately 30% will be carried out on a sample of 6 of the mature trees on the main street. If these trees respond well to this treatment which is not a foregone conclusion further trees can be similarly reduced in the coming years.