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Duncan Smith,
Labour Party Councillor
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I have received a number of queries regarding the site on the Glen Ellan Road which has been SOLD for over 18 months. It has been bought by a company called Argentum Holdings Two Limited. I placed a question to the Council to seek if any planning application has been made for this large site or if any contact has been made between the owners and the Council. So far no contact has been made so we are still in the dark as to what the plans are for this site.
Question: Councillor D. Smith – Site
To ask the Chief Executive if a planning application has been made in respect of the site on the Glen Ellan Road, immediately opposite the South Bank Estate which has been signposted as SOLD for over 18 months and can the Chief Executive clarify if any contact has taken place with the owners Argentum Properties Holdings Two Limited?”
No planning applications have been submitted in respect of the lands in question located at Holybanks, Swords and no formal pre planning consultation has taken place
Glen Ellan Road