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Duncan Smith,
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Question: Councillor D. Smith “To ask the Chief Executive to examine the road directional markings on the approach from the Malahide Road to the Mountgorry Roundabout, (Applegreen station roundabout) as the arrows are such, that both lanes are inclined to drive straight and this may result in an accident?”

Reply: Lane direction arrows have been provided on the Mountgorry Roundabout on the approaches from Malahide and from Swords. On the approach from Swords, eastbound approach, lane indication arrows RRM 006 (right arrow) and RRM 004 (straight ahead) have been provided. On the approach from Malahide, westbound, lane indication arrows RRM 004 (straight ahead) and RRM 005 (left turn) have been provided. The lane indication arrows listed above were installed to provide 2 queuing lanes at the yield lane to increase the capacity of the roundabout. There are no plans to provide additional road markings at this location.