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Removal of vegetation, Castleview Row

Question: Councillor D. Smith
“To ask the Chief Executive if the overgrowth and extra vegetation amidst the
trees on the green space of Castleview Row be cut back and removed as a matter
of urgency as it is causing a litter hazard and cover for people to use as a toilet?”


Arrangements will be made to have this area cleared and cut back once the
nesting season is over.

placing of “Kissing Gates”and street light, St. Catherine’s Park, Palmer Ave

Question: Councillor M. Quinn, B. Dennehy & D. Smith
“To ask the Chief Executive, on behalf of Cllr. Dennehy, Cllr. Smith & myself, can
the placing of “Kissing Gates” as well as a street light at the entrance to St.
Catherine’s Park, Palmer Ave. be included in the Operations Department
program of works at the nearest opportunity, to reduce the instances of antisocial
behavior at this Location?”


Arrangements are being made to install a kissing gate on the footpath between
St. Catherine’s open space and the adjoining Palmer Ave. development to
prevent motorbikes and scramblers from accessing this area.
It is not proposed to install a public lighting column at this location as it would
likely lead to increased levels of antisocial behaviour at this location.

public street lights in Ashfield Avenue, Ridgewood

Question: Councillor D. Smith: Ashfield Avenue.
“To ask the Chief Executive to ensure that the public street lights in
Ashfield Avenue, Ridgewood be switched on in the interests of public


Public Lightings records show that these street lights were switched on in
the 2nd week in May 2018.
They were checked on 10/06/18 and were switched on.

site for a Community Centre in Meakstown

Question: Councillor D. Smith
“To ask the Chief Executive if a site has been identified for a Community Centre
in Meakstown?”


The Community Development Office is currently working with the Meakstown
Community Council, Operations and Planning Departments and Property
Services Sections to identify a suitable site for a community facility in
Meakstown. The Community Council has identified a preferred site and
investigation is ongoing in relation to ownership details.

plans for the Archaeological Park next to Bunbury Gate Estate

Question: Councillor D. Smith
“To ask the Chief Executive what the plans are for the Archaeological Park
next to Bunbury Gate Estate and are there any maps available to indicate
these plans?”


Reply: It is planned to take this open space n charge and to maintain it as
an area for passive recreation and in a manner which does not
compromise the archaeology of the site. Maps of the proposed works will
be made available subject to the relevant planning compliance

update on the Rathbeale Road Local Authority Housing project

Question: Councillor D. Smith – Housing Rathbeale Road. AI043546
“To ask the Chief Executive for an update on the Rathbeale Road Local Authority Housing


The detail design and tender documents for the Rathbeale Road scheme were finalised in
May 2018. A Contract Notice was published on eTenders on the 18th May 2018 and the
competition is recorded on eTenders under RFT ID No. 134190. The closing date for receipt
of tenders is 22nd June 2018.

provision of a designated RC area for drone enthusiasts in Swords Regional Park

Question: Councillor D. Smith:
“To ask the Chief Executive if he would support the provision of a
designated RC area in the proposed Swords Regional Park to allow
drone enthusiasts engage in their hobby in a controlled environment
and in accordance with IAA requirements (max altitude 15m, weight
under 1kg)?”


The Council would be happy to engage with an organised group of drone
enthusiasts to assess their requirements and to determine if and how
best these requirements can be accommodated in one of our parks
having regard to the provisions of the Parks and Open Spaces Bye-laws.
It should be noted that parts of Swords are designated as “No Drone
Zones” by the Irish Aviation Authority on account of their proximity to
Dublin Airport.

plans for the disused road, Ashton Broc Estate/Broadmeadow Linear Park

Question: Councillor D. Smith
“To ask the Chief Executive what are the plans for the disused road which
bounds the North of the Ashton Broc Estate between it, and the
Broadmeadow Linear Park, are their plans to open this road and can any
maps related to its future use be provided?”


The disused road has been constructed to the boundary of the
developer’s property but has not been taken-in-charge. The neighbouring
developer has a number of permissions on lands approaching, but not
reaching, the disused road. It may be possible for the neighbouring
developer to link a road to the disused road.
The Oldtown Mooretown LAP indicates a pedestrian/cyclist connection
from this road into the pedestrian/cyclist network in Oldtown. The map
for the LAP is available at


The County Development Plan shows a proposed road from Oldtown to
the R132 south of the Lissenhall junction on the M1. It does not specify a
linkage to the disused road. The map (Sheet 8 Swords) is available at


Placement of benches at the Copse, Miller’s Glen

Question: Councillor D. Smith:
“To ask the Chief Executive if there was a specific planning requirement from
Fingal County Council to place four benches at the Copse, Miller’s Glen and can
the Chief Executive indicate any knowledge of what decision making went into
placing those benches at that location?”


Permission was originally granted under F11A/0436 for 245 housing units on
these lands in Oldtown, Swords. The subject area was subsequently modified
under F14A/0486 with the omission of 32 houses and their replacement with 35
units. Seating areas were indicated on the submitted plans to be provided on
the open space areas of the Copse – Drawing Number LP-01-PP prepared by
Doyle + O’Troitigh. Condition 9 of the Grant of Permission states:
The proposed landscaping of the site shall be carried out in accordance with the
submitted landscaping plan and planting details prepared by Doyle & O’Troithigh,
Landscape and Architecture. The applicant shall consult the Parks and Green
Infrastructure Division of Fingal County Council prior to the commencement of this
site landscaping.

REASON: In the interest of adequate amenity provision and in the interest of tree/
vegetation protection.

Ward Rivervalley Masterplan

Question Councillor D. Smith:
“To ask the Chief Executive if it is an expectation that the Ward Rivervalley
Masterplan will be on public display in the Summer of 2018?”


The acquisition of the remaining Ward River Valley open space lands
between Swords Town Centre and Knocksedan Bridge is nearing
completion. A brief for the procurement of consultants for the
preparation of the Master Plan for the Ward River Valley Regional Park will
issue later this year. The consultants appointed will facilitate public
consultation in relation to the plan and the results of this process will
form the basis of a formal planning process. It is reasonable to expect
that the procurement, initial public consultation and Master Plan Design
process will take several months to complete.