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Question: Councillor D. Smith
“To ask the Chief Executive can a yellow box be placed outside the South Bank
Estate in Swords?”

Yellow Box Markings, RRM 020, are provided to aid traffic flow. They may be
used at road junctions (including roundabouts), at junctions with tram tracks, at
railway level crossings, the exits to bus lanes, or other locations as deemed
appropriate by the road authority, where blocking back affecting a cross flow is a
significant problem.
The entrance to Southbank is approximately 350m from the signalised junction
at Balheary Road and approximately 325 from the roundabout at the entrance to
Glen Ellan and Applewood. The distances from the signalised junction and
roundabout, at this location, should provide sufficient storage for any queuing
traffic. It is not proposed to install a yellow box at this locations at this time.