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Question: Councillor D. Smith -. “To ask the Chief Executive for an update on the taking in charge of the Thornleigh Estate, Swords?”

Reply: Waterman Moylan Engineering Consultants has been employed by the bondholder to act on its behalf to bring Thornleigh estate to taking in charge standard. A meeting was held on site in November 2015 with Waterman Moylan Engineering Consultants. It was confirmed at this meeting that a CCTV survey of the drainage networks was completed and examined. Following remedial works to the drainage networks a further CCTV survey was carried out. Surface defects to roads and footpaths were identified at this meeting. Waterman Moylan Engineering Consultants confirmed that they would draw up a list of all sub-surface and surface remedial works to be carried out. Fingal County Council Water Services Department carried out a check of leakages in December 2015 and found no leakages. In January 2016 Fingal County Council prepared a report on the public lighting. This was passed on to the consultants. Further site meetings took place with Waterman Moylan Engineering Consultants in February and March 2016 to identify any outstanding issues with the foul and storm water chambers. Joint inspections of the watermain also took place. There are some remaining areas of watermain to be inspected. Following completion of these inspections the Consultant will complete the list of outstanding works to be carried out. When these works are completed on site we will check to see that they are to a taking in charge standard so that we can proceed to taking Thornleigh in charge.