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Duncan Smith,
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Working with Brendan Ryan TD, we are continuing to press the Council for the long overdue taking in charge of the Thornleigh Estate in Swords. I have copied below the latest response I have received from the Council on this matter.

Question: Councillor D. Smith – Thornleigh Taking in Charge
“To ask the Chief Executive for an update on the taking in charge of Thornleigh Estate and does the Chief Executive expect this process to be concluded within the Calendar year 2015?”


The Project Supervisor for the bond holder has advised that the CCTV survey on the drainage networks has been completed. The survey has revealed that the foul network requires power jetting to dislodge detritus in the pipework. There is also evidence of surface water infiltration into the foul network which is being further investigated by the appointed consulting engineers in order to identify and remediate any broken seals or pipes. Once the sub-surface services have been dealt with identification of surface defects can be initiated and any necessary remediation

There is a concurrent process underway with the Liquidator in order to have the open spaces taken in charge and this is at an advanced stage. It is not possible at this stage to give a definite timeline on the completion of these works.