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Duncan Smith,
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Question: Councillor D. Smith
“To ask the Chief Executive for an update on the Speed Survey which was due to
take place on the Drynam Road in 2016 and what the results of the survey

A speed survey was completed in early September 2016. The survey was located
approximately 65m east of the entrance to The Willows. The survey was carried
out over a 14 day period.
In traffic design, the 85th percentile speed is considered to be the value that
most appropriately represents traffic speed relative to the speed limit.
The survey indicated that the 85th percentile speed on Drynam Road in a 50kph
zone, was 63km/h, which is in excess of the speed limit plus 20%.
The County Council will liaise with An Garda Síochána in relation to siting speed
checkpoints and/or the placement of the GATSO or Go Safer Vans on Drynam