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Question: Councillor D. Smith
“To ask the Chief Executive what are the plans for the disused road which
bounds the North of the Ashton Broc Estate between it, and the
Broadmeadow Linear Park, are their plans to open this road and can any
maps related to its future use be provided?”


The disused road has been constructed to the boundary of the
developer’s property but has not been taken-in-charge. The neighbouring
developer has a number of permissions on lands approaching, but not
reaching, the disused road. It may be possible for the neighbouring
developer to link a road to the disused road.
The Oldtown Mooretown LAP indicates a pedestrian/cyclist connection
from this road into the pedestrian/cyclist network in Oldtown. The map
for the LAP is available at


The County Development Plan shows a proposed road from Oldtown to
the R132 south of the Lissenhall junction on the M1. It does not specify a
linkage to the disused road. The map (Sheet 8 Swords) is available at