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Duncan Smith,
Labour Party Councillor
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Motion: Councillor D. Smith
“That this Committee agrees to install kissing gates or another pedestrian-only
turnstile solution at the two entrances to the Rivervalley Park at either end of
Park Avenue in order to restrict access to the park for scramblers, motor bikes
and other dangerous vehicles.”

The Ward River Valley was never fully enclosed with railings and is a particularly
porous park with a huge number of gates and access points. There are 13
entrances and access points from the Brackenstown Road alone. To restrict
access to scramblers to the Ward River Valley Regional Park in the vicinity of Park
Avenue will require a huge capital investment involving new sections of railing to
complete boundaries, the removal of berms and replacement with railings and
installation of kissing gates at each access point.
A major strategic and fully consultative planning process is scheduled for the
entire Ward River Valley Regional Park with a view to setting priorities for such
investments for the short, medium and long terms. The objective of making the
park inaccessible to scramblers should be discussed and prioritised as part of
this process.