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Duncan Smith,
Labour Party Councillor
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Motion: Councillor D. Smith “That Fingal County Council explore the provision of Columbarium Walls in closed or nearly full graveyards through a pilot scheme in the Swords Balbriggan Ward, with a view to allowing local people to be interred in their local graveyard without the Council needing to extend the graveyard or re-open it through further land acquisition.”

Report: Columbarian Walls are located in a number of Council burial grounds and demand for acquiring niches in these walls is very low. However, it is accepted that people who wish to be, or have their loved ones, interred in a sustainable manner in their local graveyard , that is at or nearing capacity, should be facilitated insofar as possible. The identification of a suitable graveyard and an innovative design for a Columbarian Wall, appropriate to the existing surroundings , will be further explored.