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Duncan Smith,
Labour Party Councillor
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Question: Councillor D. Smith – . “To ask the Chief Executive for an up to date assessment of the Cliff Walk in Portrane, what work needs to take place on it and can a timeline be give for when it will be opened to the public?”

Reply: The geotechnical investigation identified several areas of concern of the Portrane Cliff walk. The long term solutions for these areas of concern will involve either significant engineering works to stabilise the cliffs or moving the pathway further inland. The latter option may require land acquisition. Discussions are currently underway with the landowner to build a temporary access through the farmland at the most dangerous sections of the route. The temporary pathway will run parallel to the existing walking route and will be located on the other side of the boundary fence. Once the key concerns of the landowner are addressed the Council can carry out the necessary works within a 2 day period. No clear timeframe can be given for the re-opening as this is dependent on how soon the concerns of the landowner can be addressed.