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Duncan Smith,
Labour Party Councillor
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Motion: Councillor D. Smith “To ask the Chief Executive in response to instances of people being robbed, that the Council devise a plan to make safe the walkway between Oaklands and Chapel Lane in Swords, through examining the foliage, street lighting and the desired line to the gap in the fence, in order to help make the laneway safe and to avoid cover for anti social behaviour?”

Report: The location was inspected and it was found that there is very little in the way of vegetation that could provide cover for criminal activity. There is a small bit of epicormic growth at the base of the trees near the gap in the fence that could be removed. Consideration could be given to the removal of part if not all of the fence itself between the parking area to the front of the senior’s building and the access laneway. This will act to totally open up the area and allow visual access into the lane way from the public road and would greatly facilitate the Gardaí in their patrolling of the area. A title search to establish the ownership of the fence would be required before the works could be scheduled as not all of the parcels of land in the vicinity are in public ownership.