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Question: Councillor D. Smith

“To ask the Chief Executive what criteria do residents in the Balbriggan/Swords
area need to adhere to in order to allow them to erect mirrors at their entrance
gates where visibility on exiting their properties is obscured?”

It is the Operation Department’s position that a roadside mirror is not an
acceptable control measure to deal with any residual deficiency in visibility as
their use presents more disadvantages (and risk to road-users) than their
benefits. The rationale for this position is detailed below.
• Mirrors are largely ineffective during bad weather (rain, fog, snow, frost;
early-morning dew/condensation) when the visibility requirement is at its
• Mirrors may not adequately highlight the presence of approaching
pedestrians or cyclists particularly during night-time hours and where
such road-users are themselves poorly illuminated (e.g. pedestrians
wearing dark clothing, absence of bicycle lights which unfortunately is
quite common);
• Mirrors are prone to vandalism and if not installed correctly may be
damaged by (and present a hazard to) passing vehicles or road-users;
• Mirrors require regular maintenance (cleaning realignment/correction to
ensure that the correct aspect/view is available) and safety/liability issues
are associated with the undertaking of such works on the public road by
private individuals.
• Convex mirrors distort the reflected image and many road-users
(particularly the elderly) are unable to judge the speed of approaching
traffic from the mirror’s image.
• Mirrors can create glare/distraction to other users of the public road,
arising from sunlight (particularly during low winter sun) and vehicle